A Quick Dig In The Paint Bin

March is here! And no one fucking cares.

Anyway – Here is a look at some artwork I’ve been accumulating these past few days since I took an unplanned two-month hiatus on anything involving ink bottles and repetitive cross-hatching. Alas, I am back at work (digitally, this time), but my drive still feels overheated so most of the stuff I make is staying in the garage for work.

Related (see below): ‘Northern Exposure’ just invaded the list of one of my top favorite television shows, and if you have not seen it before, fix that. Seriously. Like, go out and buy it. Steal it. Whore for it, because it has some of the best television writing I have ever seen and it’s been like an old, crotchety yet humble professor to me in my recent adventuring in screenwriting. You won’t regret it.


Last picture can be purchased here:

This year is starting out just fine, and now that a few traveling plans are in the works I feel very determined about everything else in my life. I even hemmed a shirt the other day, and believe me, that’s progress even Congress would applaud.

Stayin’ alive (so help me God),