The Screaming Universe


You know when you wake up in the morning – Now I mean real early – Like dead hours, four or five o’clock; well, you’d think it would be the quietest time of day, because it’s before everything else starts to wake up again… But it isn’t. If you listen real close it’s actually the loudest part of the day… Close your eyes (tight, tight) – Can you hear it? Listen close. Maybe you hear the sounds of a distant highway pass, or an early train trudging along the tracks down by the river. Garbage trucks and ambulances making their drive to or from their respective place of work. Listen closer and you can hear the roar of the tide. An ocean surrounding your bed. The sediment beneath you shifting as you sleep.. I hear it. I hear it every morning. I like to think of it as the world breathing.. In… And out… But sometimes – Sometimes all that noise can be too much to handle.. It gets loud… And if you don’t go back to bed quickly enough, it only gets louder… And louder… Like it’s sucking in air.. Like the universe is building up to scream.